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Summer Fun Bucket List

Summer is on it’s way and I am already making plans. I don’t want this summer to fly by and I have not done anything I’ve been dreaming about all

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Happy Valentine's Day
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6 Valentine Budget Date Ideas

As you know being a Millennial means being smart about our finances most of the time. Who am I kidding, all of the time! In light of Valentine’s Day coming

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Mod Pizza

There are things we all need to survive. Water, air and pizza. You know, the basics. But pizza can get kind of expensive if you want more than two toppings

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Zoo Lights!

Who doesn’t adore Christmas? The bright lights, yummy treats and yes, even Christmas music. N*Sync’s Merry Christmas is always on standby this time of year. I do try to avoid

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Gift Ideas: 10 Great Handmade Gifts

I love making gifts for people. Not only is it fun but I never know what to buy anyone. Anytime I can flex those creative juices and put a smile

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