What to Know About GenAwkward!

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Hey there! I’m so happy you found GenAwkward! Here’s what you’re getting into with this blog…

First off, I am indeed another California transplant but I definitely should have been born in Portland. This is my home. I have loved living here these last four years and discovered a lot about myself. Being an “elder millennial”, as Iliza Shlesinger appropriately calls us, I wanted to talk about the experience of killing so many industries. Ha. Okay, just kidding. Kind of. If we aren’t buying houses and getting married, what are we doing? Let’s be honest, as a millennial other generations make a lot of assumptions about us. But no one seems to be talking to actual millennials. We are Generation Awkward or GenAwkward.

I can tell you what I’ve been doing! Enjoying new experiences and crafting my little heart out. Now I’m ready to branch out and share my experiences as a crafty millennial. And of course build a community. Who doesn’t want to share and chat with positive, kind-hearted folks? Let’s talk! I wanna hear from you!

Happy Sharing!

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