5 Myths About Millennials

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We’ve all heard the crap dumped on millennials for, well everything. I want to challenge five myths about us based on my experience and the experience of those closest to me. So here’s the scoop or the water cooler talk from an actual millennial. I don’t know if you seen these yet. Just kidding, these are the most popular ones by far. Come close and listen to your ol’ millennial grandma.

sweet lazy pug is all of us

 “Millennials are lazy”

No we aren’t. Stop it. We work hard and we aren’t afraid get our hands dirty. Millennials are the most educated generation to date as a matter of fact, thank NPR for that nugget. Many work two jobs that pay little and offer no benefits. Let’s be honest here please, our parents generation bought houses and cars on one unskilled laborers job. That is not happening. Not anymore. So stop telling people to go back to school, been there done that my friend. Honestly, the vast majority of people I know work extremely hard and support themselves despite crushing student debt and bloated rent prices.

Millennials are so lazy

 “We are cry-baby or snowflakes”

No Uncle Dick, we just don’t like your racist, sexist nonsense. It’s just not funny. We love jokes, give us a good meme any day. Of course, I see the irony of complaining about being called a snowflake but let’s forget that for a moment. We just don’t have to put up with those shenanigans anymore. We don’t smile and nod then look away awkwardly. We’ll call you out on that, because it simply is not okay. So knock it off and be nice. We all know better at this point. Quite frankly, we are pretty happy. We laugh, we have brunch (mimosa please!) and we encourage each other to keep kicking ass. I admit we are annoyingly optimistic and honestly I love it!

A book, graph paper, and mechanical pencil

 “Millennials are entitled”

I don’t know about you, but I was told that “go to a good school and get a good job”  were the keys to success. Now again for some straight up truth. That is no longer the way of the world. We get degrees and we still struggle. I was a preschool teacher and I had no life, I worked babysitting jobs to make ends meet. When we weren’t doing that it was a lot of trouble shooting, how do we best assist this child? What are we going to teach this month? Oh my god that project was a disaster! Abort! Abort! Pay, not great. Benefits also not great. God forbid we get sick and had to go to the doctor. Or more accurately, we stayed home for one day and crossed our fingers we didn’t die.


So I went to school, chose a “respectable” career. What happened? Was I so entitled to think I should be paid more than 13 bucks an hour and have healthcare? I, along with four others, were in charge of 20 children ages 2 and 3. My love to work with children and help them grow should not mean I cannot buy a home. By 30, I was done. I had to leave my job for something that paid me more and offered me healthcare. Entitlement man, sheesh. How dare you work hard and want to be compensated fairly, the nerve.

 “We are the death of all industries”

This kind of makes me laugh honestly. Yeah, okay maybe we are “killing” industries. But it is on them to adapt. No we don’t want diamonds. They are expensive and we know all about blood diamonds. We don’t support industries that thrive on death. Or try not to anyway. Also chain restaurants are not our thing. We like to try new food, if we are going to shell out our hard earned cash, it’s has got to be really good. My partner and I rarely go to a place that has more than three locations. We like to shop and eat locally. Rather than explore the idea that we are keeping mom and pop shops open, call us murders instead.


My personal favorite is the car industry. Yeah because we’d rather go on an amazing vacation. Why spend it on a car that’s going to depreciate the moment the it hits the road? Pass. We shop smart and with our heart. That’s all there is to it. If you want our business, adapt! Tuna is the new one. Yes, I can use a can opener. But I don’t want your tuna in a can. I’ll keep my avocado toast. Mmmm!  Millennials have also been killing marriage apparently. Yes, marriage. But again, we can date via an app. It also makes us very picky and we are happy being single but that’s because we won’t settle. There’s no rush. I’ve been with my partner for 4 years we just don’t need to rush. We’re happy and we work well together. Millennials can afford to take their time. On the flip side we are bringing that divorce rate back down so go us! Being all thoughtful and stuff.

Millennials taking a selfie in a sunny field

 “Millennials are narcissistic”

The idea that an entire generation is that self absorbed is ridiculous. In fact, narcissism is quite rare. We grew with technology, we have Facebook and Instagram to distracts when we are bored. We share and we stay connected with old friends we would have lost touch with and family we are far away from. I absolutely see why people would assume we are so vain because we take selfies anytime, anyplace. However our generation does not display the classic symptoms of narcissism. We are positive and encouraging. We love to connect over hilarious or cute videos. Honestly I have to most empowering group of amazing women in my corner who are so supportive. I wanted to start a new adventure blogging and furniture repair, they wanted to know how they could help. We do love our technology, we have an app for everything! It could certainly encourage vanity and absolutely plays on our insecurities. BUT there is a kindness and patience that flows through this generation that is often overlooked.

A book with a heart shaped piece of paper on it. As it turns out millennials love reading!

I used to dislike being coined a millennial but I’ve grown to love it because we love each other. In the age of hate being spread everywhere, we are sending puppy videos and amazing memes. We are so many things and I am not blind to our faults. We are stubborn and weird as hell. However these ideas about millennials just aren’t real. It comes with the territory of growing up I suppose. Scaring other generations for being “too progressive” with our ideas and looks. They did it to their parents and we are doing it to them. Again, this is just my experience. I’m lucky to have been born when and where I was. It’s a good time to be alive and it’s great to be a millennial!

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