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There are things we all need to survive. Water, air and pizza. You know, the basics. But pizza can get kind of expensive if you want more than two toppings or a plain cheese pizza. I mean Domino’s is okay but gourmet options are kinda limited without putting up a good amount of cash. We all know in this climate, cash is precious. So in times when the pizza craving is fierce, I don’t care about the ability to have it delivered, and basic just won’t do it; I go to Mod Pizza.

A shot of the inside of Mod Pizza

Make It The Way You Love!

They have Mod all over Portland and it’s easy to see why. Portlanders love their food, run of the mill doesn’t cut it up here. So if you see a local pizza chain, it has to be good right? At Mod you make it however you want it and all for the same price. Extra meat? You got it! Extra veggies? No problem! Honestly, Marinara sauce and BBQ sauce are my favorites, but not on the same pizza of course.

There are tons of different types of cheese: Parmesan, Asiago, Feta, Mozzarella because duh pizza! Yum! And the meats, oh man, pepperoni, salami, sausage, ham, chicken, whatever you’re in the mood for Mod Pizza will be able to help you out.  And if you are looking for some good Vegan options, they got you covered. With over 30 toppings, I’m sure you can find something you like and make the pizza of your dreams.

Ingredients at Mod

Bourgeoisie On A Budget

So go nuts.  It’s only $7.87 for whatever kind of pizza you want and it is definitely worth it. Lately I’ve been on a mission to make the most epic pepperoni pizza and with all the toppings they offer I have yet to have the same pepperoni pizza twice. And it has been amazing every time. The pizzas do not take long to cook either and you can watch as the staff rotates pizzas in and out of their huge stone-fire ovens.

Mod Pizza also offers some yummy add on as well. They have salads, which I have yet to try, garlic cheese bread, garlic strips and cinnamon strips. I have tried all three of the breads and they all are pretty good. I’m a huge fan of garlic cheese bread. Who am I kidding? I love bread. The cinnamon strips with a side of strawberry glaze is a close second however.

Joi getting a custom made pizza

Don’t Forget To Share…

I have been to multiple locations and they typically offer both indoor and outdoor seating. There is plenty of space especially if you aren’t afraid of sharing your table with other patrons. I love the outdoor seating during the summer but I typically take my pizza home. 

I can typically share one pizza with my partner and be totally full. Add some tasty cinnamon strips or garlic cheese bread and let me just say, don’t expect me to be productive whatsoever. That’s a Netflix and chill night without the innuendo kinda night. Mod pizza is a place I can go again and again and still really enjoy  it. Begin your quest for the perfect pizza and trust me the journey will be epic… not to mention delicious! 

Happy Eating!!!

Joi is ready to smash on some pizza

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