DIY Throwback Thursday: Table Rehab

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You never know where inspiration may strike. Perusing the furniture section of Craigslist can be a dangerous game, especially when you are decorating your own space. If you have a Pinterest, which most of us do, your mind will run wild with the endless possibilities of what can start out as a hideous piece and turn into something fabulous. I wanted to share one of my favorite dining table DIY that cost us $35 dollars all in! I know $35 dollars for a kitchen table sounds nuts, but it’s true. With some time and patience you will find and create the perfect item for your space.


The Beginning

My partner randomly brought home four dining room chairs. He had a “look what I found!” moment and couldn’t pass them up. I had NO idea what I was going to do with these when he brought them home. But he was excited, so I figured what the heck, I could do something with these ugly things. Let me tell you, these chairs had this horrible, almost  shiny pink paint and hideous bright orange seat cover. Andrew was completely unfazed and his DIY heart was set.

It was like one of those wonderfully bad rom-coms (She’s All That)  where the girl is a nerd and largely ignored. Said girl ends up having a makeover (removing her glasses and taking out a ponytail) then suddenly she is super popular and the jock falls head over heels. Well these chairs were definitely our “nerd”. We broke out the screwdriver and sander then got to work!

We took turns sanding down the chairs and getting them back to bare wood. Let me tell you, she was lovely and sturdy, just everything you could ask for in a chair. Lucky for us, the seat didn’t need to be repadded so we just popped the staples out to get the orange covers off and threw those babies away! We went to our local fabric shop, Fabric Depot (may she rest in peace) and searched their discount section. Which was my DIY dream come true, I love using fabric and I don’t often get to.

sanding the chair

The Surprise

Fast forward a few months later and we had the luck of finding a slightly beat up table. It was used more as a craft table then kitchen table but that was fine by us. Free table, yes please! But when we saw this table and these chairs… Well, jock meet nerd. It set our little DIY hearts aflutter.

The table did not need as much work since I did like the white base already on it. So we decided to leave it as is. We did some work on the surface, just cleaning it up some and removing stains where we could. Then added a flourish here and there.

By the time I looked at the table I was pretty impressed by how well we did with such little effort. We working smarter, not harder. It turned out I ended up loving the exposed wood look of the chairs so much we left them like that.

the new love

The Result: Drum Roll Please

We covered the seats with the new fabric which was the super cute. Yes, I am fangirling all over the brand new fabric. It was simple. However, I know it’s hard to be patient and find the perfect piece. This was hands down one of my DIY loves and it has lasted for years. I’d say that was $35 dollars well spent!

Happy DIY!

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