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for us and them
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What The Vegan?! Part 2: The Environment

In my last post I finally revealed your girl has committed to a vegan diet. Because you know, the environment and stuff. I know, who would have thought it was

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breakup, reset, restart
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Hitting Restart: Back to Dating

Hitting the restart button on your relationship is difficult and feels damn near impossible. You look at the person you have spent several years of your life with, someone you

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Anxiety, My Frenemy

Anxiety is my frenemy. It’s always there but also always talking shit in my ear. I constantly second-guess myself, worry about things that don’t deserve my attention and just create

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The Love of a Witch and a Christian

Easter is just around the corner and each year my father and I find ourselves discussing religion. Again. To be honest, my father is one of the best men I

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try kindness
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Try A Little Kindness

February we had a chance to talk about loving ourselves because let’s be honest, most of us do not do it enough. As Spring is all about new beginnings in

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Self-Care is Love

February has been the month of love. There’s no love more important than loving yourself. I know people like to talk a lot of negative crap about Millennials. But, I

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The Loving Family
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Loving In Black History

In light of it being Black History Month and Valentine’s Day around the corner. I thought I would highlight a couple whose love changed our nation as we know it.

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Wait…Was That Racist?

Race. It’s a simple word, but loaded with context. Some people roll their eyes and sigh heavily with a, “not this again” before promptly tuning you out. Others get all

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5 Myths About Millennials

We’ve all heard the crap dumped on millennials for, well everything. I want to challenge five myths about us based on my experience and the experience of those closest to

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What to Know About GenAwkward!

Hey there! I’m so happy you found GenAwkward! Here’s what you’re getting into with this blog… First off, I am indeed another California transplant but I definitely should have been

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