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Blog Programs That Helped Me Get Started

I love to blog! Such a surprise right? But I have to say getting started was much harder than I anticipated. Quite frankly, there is so much to do to

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get your teacups ready!
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Teacup Candle

You know I love projects and I just had to try this teacup candle! My craft room is currently under construction making it a little difficult to navigate. Despite my

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shopping time
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8 Amazing Places To Thrift

I have a love hate relationship with shopping but I do enjoy thrift shopping. I don’t have much tolerance for spending a lot of money and being forced to be

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table rehab
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DIY Throwback Thursday: Table Rehab

You never know where inspiration may strike. Perusing the furniture section of Craigslist can be a dangerous game, especially when you are decorating your own space. If you have a

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