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Summer is on it’s way and I am already making plans. I don’t want this summer to fly by and I have not done anything I’ve been dreaming about all winter. There are times that I look up and summer is flown by and I spent all my time working. Ahhh!! Not this year though. This year I am making my Summer Fun Bucket List. I am going to try and knock as many of these babies off the list as possible. Now, some activities I love to do and others will be brand spankin’ new.

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The Summer List

  1. Float the River – Grab your floats and let the river sweep you away, safely of course. This is easily and all day activity. Especially if you bring a picnic along with you.
  2. Vintage Garage Sale – Washington has a vintage garage sale every year July that I love. It is full of random and fun items. Bring a big car, you never know what you might find. Check out the site HERE.
  3. Camping – Summer calls for camping. It’s already hot so may as well sleep outside under the stars with your loved ones.
  4. Berry Picking – Honestly some of my favorite fruits are available during summer. Picking them yourself is fun and much cheaper than going to the grocery store.

summer activity, kayak/kayaking

  1. Try Kayaking – This would be a new activity for me but I loved white river rafting and most water adventures. Don’t forget your life jacket!
  2. Blue’s Fest – Portland’s Blue’s Festival has been one of my favorite things to do, there was no way I was leaving this gem off the list. You can see the info here, and if you go don’t be afraid to say Hi!
  3. International Beer Festival – My partner and I attended this event last year and it was a lot of fun. I definitely got a bit drunk… 
  4. Visit National Parks – There are tons of national parks all over, no matter what state you live in, find one and get lost in there for the afternoon. My aim is to find a new one to visit this go round and it’s another good time to break out the picnic basket.

summer morning beach day

  1. Take a Day Trip to the Beach – I know Oregon beaches are different but they are still a lot of fun to visit. Not to mention the fresh seafood.
  2. Go to Wildlife Safari – Animals are amazing and getting to seem them roam around is incredible. Oregon has its own drive through style safari, I have never been but I plan on changing that this summer!
  3. Color Run – Like the obstacle course above but not as hard, I’m assuming because I have never actually done it, but really colorful. Get your tickets NOW.
  4. Obstacle Course – My partner talked me into going back to the Terrain Race. We completed this last year and it was fun, really hard. I’m so not ready for round two.

Gone Fishin'

  1. Fishing – This is another activity I have yet to try and my partner has tons of fishing poles. So, why not?
  2. Go Four-Wheeling – We have a Nissan Pathfinder and a Toyota Tacoma, what’s the point of having big cars (or renting one) and not getting it a little dirty?
  3. Movies in the Park – Since moving to Oregon, I have yet to sit and enjoy a movie in the park, I always want to but end up missing a movie I want to see for one reason or another. Not this year!
  4. Hot Springs – After going to the hot springs a handful of times, we realized how much we missed it and enjoyed relaxing in it. Even if there are other people there, people are generally friendly and very respectful of one another. It is a great way to burn a few hours outdoors and generally cheap as some places you pay for parking but the spring itself is free. Thanks nature.

summer plans

The Plan

I know it is great to have a nice list but one must always have a plan! I like to choose one or two things I want to do that month and plan for it, leaving the rest of my time to be flexible while ensuring I try something new. This has typically worked for me but this Summer Bucket List is the first for me. Summer is meant to be lovely and fun, this year I plan on fully embracing that idea. And it also soothes my Type A, control freak side and my wild child, “let’s go with the flow” side. Ladies and gents, I do believe I found a happy medium!

Getting Out There!

Grab your friend and significant other and head out there. Most of these activities are free or cost very little. You know we millennials do like to be budget conscious but for the right activity we will spend the cash. We all love creating new experiences and memories with our loved ones. No matter what you have going on, remember to carve a little piece of summer out for yourself. Enjoy the sweet rays and maybe a drink too. Oh, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!


What’s on your summer bucket list? Comment below!


Happy Summer Time!!!

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