8 Amazing Places To Thrift

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I have a love hate relationship with shopping but I do enjoy thrift shopping. I don’t have much tolerance for spending a lot of money and being forced to be around a lot of people. But there are certain places I am always excited to check out. I love a good deal and when you are thrift shopping, you never know what you might find. So I’m going to share with you some of my favorite places to visit. For this one this one, I’m going to focus on places for projects and decorating.

I love Pinterest. It’s full of great ideas for projects and helping see past the ugly exterior to the good bones of a piece. So I recommend before going out, get an idea of what you are looking for. Or a look you want to accomplish. Because color can always be changed just like this project. Now I mainly use Pinterest and Google for inspiration but sometimes Facebook shows me the very thing I didn’t know I needed.



The thing to keep in mind is Goodwill can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes you walk in and find 20 things you love and other times, not even 1. The fun part is each Goodwill has different items, so you can go to three different stores and you’ll have a totally different selection each time. I found the perfect tea cups to make candles in. I have also found an antique water boiler that was way too cool to leave behind. We just purchased four items that cost us 16 bucks! Patience is key here. This is the place to go when you can just take your time. I do want to warn you it’s very busy and sometimes not pleasing to look at with the random assortment found in each section but I assure you it’s worth the try. Also if you have a Goodwill bins nearby, you can get an even better deal!

thrift store


Just like Goodwill, this is a place where you can visit several different locations and see entirely different styles. I go mainly for the furniture to find a good flip. This also part of Habitat for Humanity, which is a great organization. They also have tile, wood, rugs and even appliances! If you are re-doing your home, it’s a great place to keep in mind. The ReStore has a lot of other smaller items as well but I often head straight to the furniture and windows. Some of the furniture is in great condition and may not even need to be redone! Whoo!

garage sale

Garage Sales

I love going to garage sales all Spring and Summer. Sunny afternoons outside feel great and most people selling just want the items gone so there’s some wiggle room to haggle. I have mixed feelings about the best time to visit a garage sale. You can go early and get the best picks or late when people are willing to negotiate like crazy. Not to mention, if you are polite and chat them up a bit, people are more likely to give you a great deal. I’m not an early bird on the weekend so, my partner and I tend to go later in the day. There are tons of ways to find local sales but my preference is Craigslist or Facebook. More on those later. Garage sales are a great way to find good items and you still get to enjoy being outdoors. Thrift shopping bonus!

dollar tree

Dollar Tree

I know, I know. Wait what? The Dollar Tree? But hear me out. There are plenty of things that can help organize and decorate your home. Plastic, stackable bins? They got it. I mean do you often have people going under your bathroom sink? No one is going to see that but you. Or organizing your closet. Again hardly anyone is going to even see those. They have picture frames, fake flowers, containers, some things you just don’t need to pay $5 and $10 dollars when you can spend a buck! And if it’s truly terrible to look at but very functional, whip out that spray paint and hot glue then go to town!

grandma's house

Grandma’s Closet

This is no joke. I mean literally, it’s a thrift paradise. Go to your grandparents house and raid their attic, basement or what have you. Parent’s count too. They have all kinds of stuff they no longer use and probably forgot they had! If you have an elder of some sort in your life, chances are they are going to be happy to pawn stuff off on you anyhow. Not only does it stay “in the family” but they get it out of their house. My partner’s grandma gave us a 1939 Royal KHM Typewriter. It was  her mother’s so it has familial history on top of being absolutely lovely. She didn’t even know it was in the attic and was happy that someone would keep it and actually use it. Seriously, go to grandma’s house.

free pile


As promised earlier, I have come back to one of my favorite online shopping spots. It’s my thrift go to honestly.  I have found SO much through Craigslist, even apartments. But the FREE section has some gems and takes little effort to check in. Whenever I think about it, I check. My current dining room table, yeah that’s right. Craigslist FREE.  I also recommend the furniture section. You can catch good deals there too. People sell all kinds of things on Craigslist. It never hurts to take a look around and pick the section that most aligns with your interest. You never know what you might find.



OfferUp is a lot like Craigslist with it’s eclectic mix of of items and even has a free section. I sale and buy a lot via this app. You can search by section or by a specific item. Again, this is an easy place to check out when you have a few moments. I try to replace scrolling through Facebook when I’m bored by getting some “work” done. It’s actually fun so it’s hard to call it work. You also rate other sellers so you have a heads up if the person is at least reliable. Heck you can even find wedding items. It’s a great app and easy to use even if you aren’t super tech savvy.


Facebook Marketplace

And last, but not least Facebook Marketplace. It’s easy to search areas nearby for items. I’m less impressed with the search system but people sell things at pretty good prices so it is worth suffering through. Mixer? They have it! Furniture? Check. Apartments? You bet. It seems Facebook is really trying to beef of up the services they offer. I mean Facebook Watch? What even? I’m getting sidetracked. It’s worth checking out, let’s be real, most of us are on Facebook anyway!

I use these services all the time. It does take time to find a good deal, so patience is key. But when you find a good deal, believe me it’s so worth the wait. I love to thrift and when travelling to different cities you can find all of these stores, minus Grandma’s house of course.

So go out and thrift my merry band of awkwards! Do you have your own favorite places to go, or have you found something cool? Comment below!

Shopping success!


Happy Thrifting!


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