table rehab
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DIY Throwback Thursday: Table Rehab

You never know where inspiration may strike. Perusing the furniture section of Craigslist can be a dangerous game, especially when you are decorating your own space. If you have a

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Self-Care is Love

February has been the month of love. There’s no love more important than loving yourself. I know people like to talk a lot of negative crap about Millennials. But, I

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The Loving Family
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Loving In Black History

In light of it being Black History Month and Valentine’s Day around the corner. I thought I would highlight a couple whose love changed our nation as we know it.

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Happy Valentine's Day
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6 Valentine Budget Date Ideas

As you know being a Millennial means being smart about our finances most of the time. Who am I kidding, all of the time! In light of Valentine’s Day coming

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